A G A Azeez

Inna lilahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon

A G A Azeez passed away in Galle, Sri Lanka today and his Janaza is at 5.30 PM on Wednesday

He is the brother of AGA Barrie, and father of Razvi Azeez, Afnan Azeez, Mohammed Azeez and Ahmed Azeez all from Canada.

May Allah forgive his sins and admit him to Paradise.

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  1. AGA Barrie

    AGA Azeez was born in Beruwela on 1st january 1926. He had his primary education in Maligahene school in Tamil medium and continued his higher education in English at Zahira College Colombo. He is the father of nine children,grand father of twenty seven and great grand father of four Masha Allah. He migrated to Canada in the Eighties and moved to Sri lanka towards his last days. May Allah forgive his sins and admit him to paradise Ameen

  2. Afraz

    which mosque in Toronto will this janaza be prayed?

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