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Family of Good welcomes the new additions to the family: Afraz Azeez engaged to Hana Deen

Update about Azmi (Shakira’s Husband) kidney situation and funding.

Assalamu Alaikum Warahamathullahi Wabarakathuhu My dear members of the Family of Good Jazaakallah for the help. It is very encouraging to see the young Luqman is contributing Rs 10,000.00 from Eid collection. May Allah reward him As the date for the operation,as I understand 25th August, is closing in please contribute early. Jazakallah Wassalaam AGA […]

Update on Azmi’s Kidney problem – Please contribute

Details on Azmi Matchan, Found 2 Donors Azmi Matchan may get operated by the 25th of this month but I will confirm on date back again. Further list of contributors, Anonymous Rs.50,000/- Anonymous Rs. 100,000/- Barrie Uncle $ 1000/- Warisa Rs. 300,000/- Ifthikar nana (Canada) $ 200 Ifthikar Thahir Rs.100,000/- Rifkan Batcha Rs. 25,000/- Rizan […]