The Family of good hails from the Coastal Town in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, called Baebareen, presently known as Beruwela Sri Lanka

The first Arab Muslims in the area said to have settled in the 8th Century and the lineageof this family originates from the Quraish of Arabiain general and Othman the third Caliph of Islam in particular  

The line of descendants commencing from Othman RA  are seen in the Family Roots established Family Tree page and the present members of the Family of Good starts from the descendants Mohamed Cassim Lebbe and Meera Lebbe Kumustar in general and particular the descendants  of Samsudeen Marika,r the son of Cader Notaris and also the descendants of K.M Ismail son of Cassim Lebbe

 Alhamdulillah Today the Family of Good originated from Beruwela Srilanka, have spread around the world and around one third are  settled in Canada and United Kingdom